Teen Cast Raises 22K for Southern Poverty Law Center & More

The teen cast of the acclaimed play Now That We're Men, teamed up with the teen cast of SLUT: The Play for a series of Impact Performances in response to the 2017 inauguration of President Trump. With a total of 5 performances at the LaTea Theatre, these New York City high school artists raised of 22K for The Southern Poverty Law Center, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. 

"We were too young to vote, but we will still have an impact. Our goal with these performances is to raise awareness and funds in support of our peers who are now in danger of losing access to health care, counseling, and a range of other services under the new administration. We are determined to use our art to rise-up, resist and create safe spaces for conversation." – Jordan Eliot, cast member of Now That We're Men.

In response to the groups fundraising and activism, Morris Dees, co-founder of The Southern Poverty Law Center said this: “Playwright/director Katie Cappiello has the incomparable ability to capture the essence of her characters—teenage boys on the cusp of adulthood—with stunning accuracy. It also helps that the actors are captivating; their connection has a palpable intensity that results in their effortlessly genuine performances.”